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Fall Clean Up

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Fall Clean Up
A fall clean up is necessary to remove the debris from the winter months that falls from trees and enters your lawn via the wind! As Mother Nature goes from season to season it is important not to allow leaves to pile up on your lawn. When Freedom Lawn and Landscape performs a fall clean up we meticulously comb your property in preparation of the up-coming lawn care and landscaping season. By removing all unwanted materials that have accumulated throughout the winter months, we can give your winter-weathered lawn and landscape a fresh look. In addition to on-going lawn care maintenance below are services that your lawn will require.

Remove or Mulch Leaves
Leaves left in a layer on your lawn can get matted down over the turf and smother it all winter long. Raking or mulch mowing them in the fall helps avoid dead patches in the spring. Mulching leaves helps put nutrients in your lawn that will help give it a boost in the spring. Leaving some of the leaves in the plant beds will help insulate the plants, and as they decompose, they provide valuable nutrients.

Fertilize your Lawn
Fertilizing in the fall is one of the most important treatments for your lawn. Using a slow-release fertilizer allows the grass to soak up nutrients. The dormant season for your lawn gives it the rest it needs to recover from summer heat and stress. And building a healthy, rejuvenated lawn is one of the best ways to protect against heat, cold, drought, insects and other stresses.

Weeding in the fall is probably the most valuable thing you can do to prepare for spring, and it's one that many people overlook. With lawn companies offering these services and the tools offered for the do-it-yourself homeowners there's no reason to get down on your hands and knees and gouge at the turf.

Remove Pet Waste
When the snow melts in spring, the last thing you want to see on your lawn is pet waste. Fall offers the right conditions to start the growing season off with a clean slate. Don't look forward to getting on your hands and knees to remove the waste? Hire a local company to do the dirty work, or invest in a long-handled pooper scooper.

Dethatch Lawn
Removing thatch build-up from the previous growing season is very important. A build-up of above ground roots called thatch prevents sunlight, oxygen and moisture from getting to the nutrient-hungry soil. It is easy to remove if you don't wait until it overwhelms the lawn.

Heavy use throughout the summer can cause soil to become compacted. Aerating your lawn with small holes helps reduce compaction and allows water, air and fertilizer get down to the soil, which strengthens your lawns root structure. Water Plants and Shrubs Dehydration during the colder months is a cause of tree damage, but it's easily preventable. To sustain them over the long winter, it's important to give trees a drink before putting them to bed. After they go fully dormant, but before the ground freezes.

Plant Spring Bulbs
Fall is the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils and tulips. But pay attention to the weather in your area; planting too early can cause bulbs to sprout before winter, and planting them too late can mean their roots don't have enough time to develop before the ground freezes.

Fall Clean Up

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