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Lawn Renovation

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Have you spent endless hours working with your lawn wishing it was greener and thicker? Do you want the look of sod, but don’t have the money to sod the entire lawn. We offer 3 options to help you get the lawn you desire at an affordable price.

These options differ from over-seeding a lawn.

You can find information about that on our aeration and over-seed page.

  1. 3 Options:
  2. Option 1 - Repairing
  3. Option 2 - Renovation
  4. Option 3 - Re-Establishment
Repairing a lawn requires a good match between new seed, sod, plus with what is already growing so it's a nice blend. We will come to your home or business and evaluate your lawn. We will take a soil sample and determine what kind of grass you have to match the new grass with the existing.

This option is the least expensive of the three options. Pricing varies depending upon how much patch work is need.

Renovation is used when a lawn needs to be totally replaced with a new lawn. The process calls for re-seeding the entire lawn after killing off the existing lawn. Timing is important so you give the seed the best conditions to germinate. Seeding in the late summer so the lawn is established before the first heavy frost is key. Warm season grasses are usually done as soon as the soil warms up enough for seeds to germinate in late spring.

This option is more expensive then option one. Pricing ranges from $4 - $6 a square foot.

Re-Establishing a new lawn involves not only the complete removal of the existing lawn, adding soil, soil amendments, and re-grading the lawn prior to reseeding. Additional soil is added to correct the nutrients in your lawn to provide the best growing condition. The additional soil will also resolve any slope or drainage problems that have caused the need to re-establish a lawn.

This option is the most expensive of the three. Pricing varies on cubic yards of soil needed, removal of large rocks, and if you want to seed or sod.

Lawn Renovation

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