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Landscape Maintenance

Bed Edging

Posted in Landscape Maintenance

Have you ever noticed nice sharp edges on landscape beds and the mulch or pine straw looks like it is tucked under the sod? It's a beautiful thing. Properly edged landscape beds not only sharpen the look of your landscape but make maintaining your lawn and beds easier. It defines the bed and turf lines which helps control grass growth into your landscape beds. It also allows your plants to grow to their natural size, by defining a bed it tells you the lines in which you should plant flowers and shrubs.

When plants are placed too close to these lines they grow over and not only affect lawn but need to be cut back. This continuous pruning usually ends up disfiguring the natural shape of the plant.We offer bed edging with our mulch packages, as well as a stand alone service. If you want to renovate your landscape this one step you don’t want to skip. There are a number of landscape borders available. Which ever one you go with you will be adding a nice touch to your beds. If you would like help deciding which border is right for your beds please give us the opportunity to show you your options.

Flower bed maintenace

Posted in Landscape Maintenance

Flower bed maintenance or landscape maintenance includes keeping beds weeded and removing grass clippings and leaves. Flower bed maintenance needs vary with every property. Flower bed maintenance or landscape maintenance is part of our weekly Premier Service agreement. If you mow your own lawn and dislike pulling weeds, you can request a quote if you would like us to service your flower beds or landscape. A very important part of landscape maintenance is having the proper amount of mulch.  For more information on Mulch, check out our information on Mulch.

  • Bed edging can really help with the maintenance of your beds, as well as add curb appeal to your home.
  • Shrub trimming is another important part of bed maintenance.
  • Seasonal Flowers offer a nice color change to any landscape and gives you many different options.
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